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About the WLCF Tool
The WLCF Online Tool has been developed to be easy and inexpensive to use and available to anyone with an internet connection.
It can be used anywhere in the supply chain and can address up and down chain issues.
General help and assistance is available from the WLCF Accredited Training providers [Link to training page please].
An example of the use of the Online Tool by a Developer.
A developer will want to assess his building in its entirety and will want to develop business cases for different asset options.
The online tool provides the developer with the opportunity to input rental incomes and establish an NPV for the whole project. However, he may also wish to analyse the effects of different options on the capital cost, the cost in use and the whole life cost.
For example while the size of the building may be already established the developer may wish to run scenarios that compare the NPV of the project when using air-conditioning with K-glass.
The Tool allows us to develop scenarios that can combine various options at any stage of the project. So at inception stage we may wish to compare steel frame with concrete frame and curtain walling with traditional masonry and windows.
The Online Tool makes this easy and simple to do and it can be done in two ways:-
A request for information on each of the components can be sent to the suppliers who will provide initial cost estimates.
It is also possible for the originator or their consultants to input cost information themselves to run scenarios without supplier input.
An Example of the use of the Online Tool by a Contractor or Supplier
Sarnafil are founder members of the WLCF and are manufacturers and suppliers of single ply roofing which uses adhesives or mechanical fixings i.e. screws.
Now screws are very common products and often regarded as a commodity in construction i.e. they are all much of a muchness and it's only purchase price that matters.
However, in the Sarnafil case they can have a shorter life than the primary material and are therefore the key component that affects the maintenance requirement and consequently the cost in use.
As Sarnafil delivers products that are designed to perform in excess of the client’s requirements and it is vital they know the life profile of the fixings. Screws made of different materials have different usable lifespans which is reflected in the product capital purchase cost and the in use maintenance costs.
Sarnafil are using the WLCF online tool to improve the performance of the fixings and deliver roofing options with varying life profiles that will match the client’s performance and life requirements.
Using the tool each supplier offers as many options that they want that will provide a range of solutions. This allows the roofing supplied to the client to match his required specification and not be over or under designed with all the associated wastes.
The question is essentially why use fixings that will last 35 years on the roof of a building that only has a required life of 10 years?

We regret that the WLCF Online Tool is no longer available